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Kim's journalism career began at the age of just 14, when she first interviewed Andre Agassi for a local newspaper. By 22, she was so experienced that she was teaching "Writing For Mass Media" at The City University of New York, making her the youngest person ever to teach at a New York University.  


Since then, she has written for publications such as The Telegraph. She spent over 5 years writing monthly music columns for The Inside Connection Magazine in America, later followed by another 5 years as the monthly marketing columnist for Talk Business Magazine in the UK.


Kim is also frequently called upon to speak as an expert on business and The Arts. She has appeared on The BBC1, BBC2, ITV, GMTV, Channel 5, and was recently featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine.  



After breaking both her feet at the same time, Kimberly goes on a special weight loss programme to see if you can lose weight through just diet. Here she writes a weekly column and blog for 12 weeks . 

Business Lessons From Star Wars - Talk Business Magazine

Kimberly looks at the business side of Star Wars and the lessons entrepreneurs can take from this classic film. 

Business Lessons From Game Of Thrones - Talk Business Magazine

Kimberly looks at the business lessons that can be learned from the hit TV show Game Of Thrones. 

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The Hoosiers Interview (Rock Band) - Talk Business Magazine

Kimberly interviews the  hit band The Hoosiers. 

John Rutter Interview (Classical Composer)- The Inside Connection

Kimberly interviews classical composer John Rutter. 

Michael Ball Interview (Musical Theatre Star)- The Inside Connection

Kimberly interviews musical theatre legend Michael Ball.

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Kimberly takes a road trip across America and meets some very exciting business owners. She shares her experiences and the business lessons she learned along the way. Written and photographed by Kimberly Davis

Kimberly travels to Sicily, Italy where she finds marketing treasures that small businesses can learn from. Written and photographed by Kimberly Davis

Kimberly travels to Augsburg and Wiesbaden Germany, and follows in the footsteps of musical giants,  Mozart, Brahams, and Wagner. 

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